usan Kay Moses
of CinemaVirtuel works in partnership with independent filmmakers & directors on the development, financing and production of non-studio films. Her film credits include Producer of Fractured, feature film written/directed by Lance Kawas, Starring Eric Roberts & Jake Busey; Executive Producer of Tabriz: Images from a forgotten world by internationally acclaimed Iranian director, Mohammad Ehsani; Writer/Producer Producer of Katrina On Rewind, a musical production of Orisha Sound's featured song, Rewind. Producer of Project Solitude, written by Rustam Branaman and Tom Hillery, Rustam Branaman director; Executive Producer of Mosaic, Starring Daniel Baldwin & directed by Marco Cabriolu, Writer/Producer of award winning Assistance Service; Producer of Holding Back with Noah Blake and Orisha Pelzer and Executive Producer of the cult horror classic feature, Midnight Cabaret with Lorimar/TimeWarner.

Development Slate: Writer/Producer of The Last Passage; Producer Soulmates a fantasy romantic drama ; Producer of Re-Cycled Teabags, Written by Darlene Peterson and directed by Jennifer Petty based on an original story by Darleen Peterson; Producer of Killing Bob filming Spring 2014 in Sardinia by director Marco Cabriolu, Producer of The Bloodthirsty Monster, director Michael O' Sajbel, and Producer of Shades of Vengeance , written by Bob Myers and Carlos Loyo.

She began her career developing projects with HBO, Time Life Films, Orion Television, Columbia Television, and Lorimar. As President/CFO of Star World Productions (Public) her company coproduced and distributed a slate of $2million classics including: Vultures in Paradise, Treasures of the Amazon, To Kill A Stranger. 

Her indie short films including; Possibility, Producer-short; Inside Job, Executive Producer-short; Prelude, Executive Producer-short; Parties Gone Bad, Executive Producer-short; Voyeur Sentinel-Director-short; I Just Forgot, Executive Producershort; Bad Habits, Executive Producer-short; LaLaLand, Exec. Producer-short; A Woman's Woman,  writer/Director-short; and Janet Mark, Associate Producer-short.

In 2001 she co-founded the Colorado Actors and Screenwriters Assembly (CASA), currently a 1600+-person organization and a leader in entertainment in the Rocky Mountain state and privately coached talent, and was on the teaching staff at the University of Colorado-Denver, jointly sponsored CFVI Studios Film School. Susan is also a co-founding partner of Audition For Hollywood, LLC, GuerillaFlics and A4H Films & Distribution


Bob Myers, Owner/Producer at Platinum Moose Productions, was born to be in the movie business. His father owned an advertising & promotion business in Cleveland, Ohio. Bob was his father’s little helper from the time he could walk. His father scored Bob’s first job in 1966 when he was 8 years old working on the stage, lighting & sound for The Beatles’ concert in Cleveland. Bob continued to work with his father all through his high school years. Prior to starting college at

Ohio State University, Bob worked on nearly every movie shot in Cleveland including “Those Lips, Those Eyes”, “One Trick Pony” and “The Deerhunter”. While at Ohio State Bob won his first award as “Best Producer” for the television class. After graduating, Bob worked at the local Warner Bros. TV station, producing & directing sports promos. In 1980 Bob moved to Los Angeles and started his formal movie career working as a grip, quickly moving up to Best Boy, Dolly & Key grip.

Having worked on over 300 movies & TV shows, one of his earliest accomplishments was in 1988 when he solely produced his first movie “Digging Up Business” for $47,000 and promptly received a Miramax offer of $500,000. Bob went on to produce other movies like “The Prophet’s Game” with Dennis Hopper, “Saurian” with Michael Pare, “Dr Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde” with Tony Todd. He also produced “The New Kid” with Edward Albert Jr., Dummy Hoy: A Deaf Hero, & The Eden Formula. Platinum Moose Productions has several movies in development, including “ Soulmates”, a multi-million dollar supernatural romantic drama, “The Last Passage”, a dramatic thriller, “Recycled Teabags” a dramatic musical, “Shades of Vengeance” which Bob wrote & is slated to direct and The BloodThirsty Monster, with director Michael O Sajbel. He recently completed production of a musical short film, “Katrina” featuring Orisha Pelzer based on her newest release, Rewind.